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hoodia weight loss
hoodia weight loss
99% of Hoodia products don't contain Hoodia.
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Maximum Potency Hoodia 'You can suppress your appetite, consume less calories and lose 1lb-5lb's per week!

uniquehoodiaThe official site of UniqueHoodia™, the only pure, totally unaltered, extra strength, maximum potency Hoodia product in the world which will:

It makes sense - eat less due to UniqueHoodia™ suppressing your appetite and you will naturally and easily get the results you want.

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Here at the official UniqueHoodia site we know you might be finding the current economic crisis a little tough on your wallet. However, we also know that losing weight is important to you and you cannot put a price on a new, slimmer and more confident you.

With this in mind we are offering you a limited time 10% discount when you order 4 months supply or more. Simply enter the e-voucher code 'UHCR10' during checkout to receive your discount and lose weight for less.

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‘The most effective Hoodia product
ever developed’

If you're looking for cheap, diluted down, saw dust like Hoodia then you're in the wrong place.

You can find hundreds of ‘hoodia based products’ but they will usually be as follows:

Usually they are pretty cheap as well - simply because it's not the stuff which works. Real hoodia is expensive to harvest and expensive to obtain.

african hoodia gordoniiThe real Hoodia, the Hoodia which works (as discussed on the BBC and CBS) is available from us.

In the last 3 months - 92% of our customers re-ordered.

Yes it's a little more expensive than the 'fake Hoodia products' but that makes sense. Real, unaltered, pure Hoodia is scarce and expensive to cultivate. But it's worth it because the results are incredible.

See what UniqueHoodia™ can do for you - click here to read our testimonials.

Clinical Study: Reduce your calorie intake by up to 2,000 calories

For generations, the nomadic Sans tribe have used Hoodia Gordonii to suppress their appetite.

pure hoodiaThe media became interested when a UK based firm called Phytopharm researched the plant and isolated the active ingredient which they called P57.

This was then licensed to Pfizer who subsequently sold it to Unilever.

Clinical studies have since shown that pure dried Hoodia Gordonii powder (what we use) can:

You MUST be careful when buying Hoodia on the internet. We receive our Hoodia direct from the very farms where it grows in South Africa. We are so confident in our product that you have a 6 month money back guarantee on your order.

UniqueHoodia is:
  • Made from 100% S.African Hoodia – Certificate
  • 100% pure, no fillers or binders - Ingredients
  • Not too cheap! 1 month supply costs $54.95
  • A powerful pill not a patch, gum or tea.
  • Not available as a free trial
  • Guaranteed to work or your money back
  • Organic and fresh

Click here to order the highest quality, most potent hoodia available today

BBC, Hello Magazine, CNBC, New York Times - all big media names which have reported the benefits of suppressing your appetite with Hoodia.

Many times our customers have told us that their friends and family have literally demanded to know what product they are using. Why? Because the results are quick and noticeable.

Imagine walking into a room beaming with confidence because you now look the way you want and EVERYONE is noticing! It is not hype, it is what is happening time and time again with UniqueHoodia™.

Extra strength, pure, unaltered, independently tested Hoodia

100% Hoodia Gordonii Powder and nothing else. A massive 90 pills per a box, with 460mg of pure, independently verified and tested Hoodia. That's a massive daily dosage of 1,380mg of Hoodia. We are extremely confident that UniqueHoodia, is without a doubt the purest form of Hoodia available. This means, fast results for you.

Certification of purity & quality:

organics annex certificate
Annex Certificate
cites certificate
Cites Certificate
certificate of analysis
Certificate of Analysis


Why is UniqueHoodia™ the best available?

Most importantly...

We know that UniqueHoodiaâ„¢ works. It WILL suppress your appetite, reduce your calorie intake and make you lose weight. From the FIRST dosage.

Quality is important in everything we do for you. That is why you have direct access to a customer care team (not a sales line & yes their first language is English).

Our ingredients are the best available, our website is designed around you and our product is first class:

hoodia weight lossWhen you order UniqueHoodia™ today, you will receive free access to Maximum Results™. A guide on how you can lose even MORE weight and TONE those muscles.

Free exercise advice, free online aerobic workouts, men & woman exercise videos - everything you need to get the body shape you desire.

IMPORTANT: Due to high demand - maximum of 6 boxes per order

UniqueHoodiaâ„¢ is incredibly popular, with 92% of our customers re-ordering. Some customers are ordering 10-50+ boxes per a month and passing them on to their friends - because it works.

This popularity leads to stock shortages and this leads to people who need the product, not being able to get it.

This is not good, because our aim as a company is to help MANY people lose weight quickly, not just a few.

Therefore we are now limiting all orders to 1 per customer, with a maximum order size of 6 boxes. This is to ensure that everyone can benefit from UniqueHoodia ™.

Produce more UniqueHoodia™ then!

uniquehoodiaWe would love too, but our values are more important. Pure, unaltered, maximum potency Hoodia is scarce because it's difficult to grow and harvest.

The active ingredient which suppresses your appetite is ONLY in the CORE of the plant meaning 60% of any harvest is not used.

To ensure we stand by our value of providing you with 'the most effective Hoodia product ever developed' we will only EVER use pure hoodia - meaning our stock is determined by the years harvest!

Important News: More publicity in the next few months...

We are also due to appear in huge UK & USA publications in the next few months. This is good, but we may have to limit order volumes to 2 boxes or less.

Place your order today - maximum of 6 boxes per a customer due to high demand

All orders are processed with 128bit security through our official site and your private details are encrypted. Shipping is quick with your order being delivered from our nearest office (UK, USA, EU). UniqueHoodia™ also offers an industry first a money back guarantee (valid for 6 months).

pure hoodai gordonii
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