Opt For Effective Diet Pill To Get A Shapely Body

Shedding weight can be tough without the aid of diet pills. Using effective dietary supplements will help shed those extra pounds in a shorter span of time!

To date, there are thousands of supplements intended for weight loss and it would be impractical and very costly to try each one, not to mention unsafe health wise. We have narrowed the list down to the most talked about diet pills and have reviewed all aspects to see which ones are really efficient for losing weight.

Top Weight Loss Supplements

We came up with 3 of the most helpful weight loss products through our rigorous studies to save you time and money and help you realize your weight loss goals quicker. Here are the results:

The basis of our weight loss supplement comparison lies on these aspects:

  • Components – Diet supplements that contain only organic components were considered for comparison. Those that have COA or Certificate of Analysis are certain to be safe and effective in helping you lose weight.
  • Maker - Only highly regarded manufacturers that are sure to produce high quality products have been considered.
  • Hazardous contents – We checked each and every substance that these diet pills have and made sure that only those that have all natural ingredients that does not cause any harm became part of the comparison study.
  • Quantifiable research – Medical and clinical quantifiable research should have been done and proven to have been considered for this review.
  • Usage safety – Only weight loss products that have absolutely no detrimental effect to the body make up the study.
  • Product consumption – Diet supplements that were taken for a minimum of two months to see assessment of efficacy.
  • Return order – Supplements that have high re-orders were considered since that would mean that users are satisfied with the product.
  • Cost - only Diet supplements that have reasonable pricing were considered. Those that cost too low have questionable quality but those that have too high prices would not be within means for anyone or everyone who would want to achieve weight loss.
  • Return Policy – Manufacturers that offer a higher rate or a complete guarantee of returns are the ones that are confident that their products really work.
  • End user response – This is of course the most significant factor since end users are the ones who have really experienced the product. Testimonies from consumers that are shown on the product home page carry a big weight.

Top Weight Loss Pills Comparison Chart:

Top Diet Pillsproactoluniquehoodiaproshaperx
Product Name



Proshape RX

Our Rating# 1# 2# 3
Product TypeFat binderAppetite suppressantWeight loss system
Main Ingredients

Opuntia Ficus Indica

100% Pure Hoodia

Hoodia Gordonii

Quality Assurance


Following FDA guidelines for dietary supplements

Certified by:
UK vegetarian society
UK Vegetarian Society

France ECOcert SAS
France ECOcert SAS

4 Clinical Studies

CITES certificateCITES Certification
Certificate of Analysiscertificate of analysis
Organics Annex CertificateOrganic Annex Certificate

CSIR(1977), CITES(2004)

Certificate of Analysis

3 clinical studies of diet supplement


Bind up to 28% dietary fat intake

Helps decrease food cravings

Suppresses appetite

Help to control pangs of hunger

Complete weight loss solution

Bad Side Effects RecordedNoneNoneNone
Doctor & Medical Professionals Approvals

Dr. Adam Carey

Dr. Joerg Gruenwald
( speaker at over 150 worldwide scientific presentations )

Will Davis
(Pharmaceutical Professional, USA)

Hoodia is approved by medical professionals from all over the world

(Medical Herbalist - Beauty Specialist )

Dr. Micheal Carter
( Doctor of Clinical Psychology )

Prescription needed by the DoctorNoneNoneNone
Product featured in Mediaproactol telegraph

proactol florida

uniquehoddia seen on bbc-
Pills per bottle1209090
Recommended Number of Tablets daily

2-3 after each meal

3-4 if the food is with high fatty content

3 pills a day3 pills a day

Purchase Price

1 month Package:
Saving on RRP: $10.00

2 months Package:
Saving on RRP: $30.95

3 months Package:
Saving on RRP: $90.90

4 months Package:
Saving on RRP: $150.85

5 months Package:
Saving on RRP: $220.80

6 months Package:
Saving on RRP: $300.75

8 months Package:
Saving on RRP: $438.65

1 Month - Budget Option
Total Savings $15.00

2 Months - Good Start
Total Savings $30.00

3 Months - Quarterly Recharge
Total Savings $45.00

4 Months - Most Popular + Free Box
Save an extra 10% on this package by entering e-voucher code 'UHCR10'

5 Months - Bigger Savings + Free Box
Save an extra 10% on this package by entering e-voucher code 'UHCR10'

6 Months - Best Value + Free Box
Save an extra 10% on this package by entering e-voucher code 'UHCR10'

12 Months - Largest Package
Sold Out

1 month supply:

2 months supply:
Save: $12.00

3 months supply:
Save: 25%

4 months supply:
Save: 30%

5 months supply:
Save: 35%

6 months supply:
Save: 40%

12 months supply:
Save: 60%

FREE Bonuses

Home Weightloss Membership

Effective Weightloss E-book

60 Delicious Low Fat Recipes

Online Aerobic Videos

Recipes from Around the World

Stretch Marks: Prevention & Treatment

Yoga & Meditation

Romantic Ideas for Couples

Free Members Area Access

Free ClearPores for healthy looking skin
(with an order of 6+ months supply)

Payment Methods

Credit/Debit Card



Phone Ordering

Money Order, Check, Postal Order, Cash

Phone ordering

Credit/Debit card

Order online

Order by Fax

Order by Mail

Order by Phone

Customer support24/7 Support:
24/7 Support:
Phone/Online Form
Online Form

Worldwide Free Shipping

( Free shipping option on 2 month orders and higher)

Money back guarantee6 months money back guarantee for 120 days if you are not satisfied with the product6 monthsFull 6 months
Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstar
Our Complete ReviewProactol ReviewUniqueHoodia ReviewProshape RX Review
Official Website:proactol official website
uniquehoodia website
proshape RX website

Product Comparison Conclusion

Our conclusion is accumulated through surveys on the internet and through interviews of weight loss supplement consumers. The answers came from both males and females for an impartial comparison of the diet pills

You are welcome to get in touch with us if you would like to give comments or suggestions in our pursuit to impart accurate information to people who would like to use these diet pills to be in good shape. Contact Us

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